Skramsted Award

This is a picture my boss took of me on the night I received the Skramsted Award

Each year at The Henry Ford, the "Harold Skramsted Award for Innovation in the Workplace" is given to one employee whose work best exemplifies coming up with new and better ways to do their work, change the role/nature of their work, or contribute to the workplace in a novel way. Nominations for the award are accepted from any employee of the Henry Ford. The committee that determines the winner is comprised of the President of the Henry Ford, as well as all previous winners of the Skramsted Award. 

The award was a total surprise to me, and I'm very humbled that the committee chose me to receive it in 2011.

Below, I excerpted some of the president's words from the presentation:

The Harold Skramstad Award for Innovation in the Workplace is named for Steve Hamp’s predecessor as president (of The Henry Ford). Harold was president of this institution for 15 years and helped create the foundations of our current programs; he brought us into the modern age. Harold always believed that there was a better
way to do things and he challenged and encouraged all of us to be our best. The Skramstad Award is intended to honor those of us who find creative, resourceful, and efficient ways to do our jobs better.

This year's recipient of the Skramstad award is recognized for innovations that impact our guests in many creative ways. Our honoree is a problem solver, par excellence,and it seems that they are always thinking of new ways that The Henry Ford can use and/or adapt technology to make our work easier and more economical and more responsive for guests and colleagues alike. 

This year’s recipient has an almost playful attitude when it comes to problem solving – thereby bringing an Edison-like approach to work, aimed at discovery and adventure. Our recipient is noted to be a very fast learner who can figure anything out. The perfect example of an innovative, resourceful and efficient employee, this person does not seek out praise or reward for an excellent job, they just want to get things done right. Our honoree accomplishes this exemplary innovation with grace, professionalism, and great people skills.